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 Here at JAPAN AUTOS We can replace Engine Mounts, Harmonic Balancers, Timing Belt or Chains, Oil Pumps, Sumps,  Camshaft, Timing Cover Seals,, Flex or Drive Plate, Flywheel, Lifters, Manifolds, Valve Cover Gaskets or any other seals or gaskets.


Radiator Fan Replacement


Coolant Hose Replacement
htHeater Tap Replacement


Harmonic Balancer Replacement


Engine Mount Replacement




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Customer information:

Our inspection of your vehicle may reveal the need for extra work. We will provide you with a quotation for any additional work or parts that your vehicle may require or that we may suggest for safe and reliable motoring. We will only proceed with any additional work with you consent. Imported, Commercial or Diesel vehicles may mean additional costs, and full synthetic oils incur a surcharge. We will advise you if this is the case.


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